Immuno-Activism & Big Body Belittlement
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Sacred Animals' 2016 Campaign Pledge to the 99%
- with a tip of the hat to the '94 GOP and the devious Dr. Newt

The Contract on Corporate America


As the once and future sovereign 99% of the United States of America we propose to not just reclaim our government from corporate usurpations, but even more importantly, to rescue our children, communities and natural world from their cancerous growth and inhuman scale.

 That is why, in this era of corporate coin-operated politics, we offer instead a self-fulfilling strategy for eco-social transformation that citizens can execute themselves in the next few years.

2016 offers a chance after five decades of corporate encroachment and dominion to finally expose this coup and inspire countless citizens to confront it without fear. This historic change would end the reign of morbidly huge bodies that promote autocratic values, addictive consumption, and the heedless destruction of cultures, communities and ecosystems worldwide. Given our finite living world, any entities striving for endless growth regardless of consequences are quite literally cancerous and must be combated like tumors before they kill our body politic and consume the biosphere.  This battle can renew us as a nation that respects basic human rights, social justice and the sanctity of the natural world.

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Recent Memes & Tactics for Big Body Shrinkage & Subordination


A Yearend OWS Salute and Immune Key to 2012
by W. David Kubiak

Big Bodies on the move...


Yes, Virginia, there really are silver bullets and here’s a sterling one for you.

After a lifetime clashing with monstrous corporate bodies in the US, India and Japan, I hobble into the Occupation arena with a grateful hallelujah and some wild reconnaissance.

The hallelujah is a chorus, by the way. It also arises from countless other US expatriates who have long lived abroad and prayed for signs of a Yankee spring, i.e., any American uprising against the rampant corporate coup that’s beggared the nation at home and scarred its honor overseas.

As for the recon, life in Asia teaches you to see the world as an interplay of living systems – ancient healthy ones like tribes, wetlands and mammal bodies, and newly emerging malignant ones like megacorporations. It also suggests we’re not simply facing a random series of fiscal, social or environmental crises, but a human/megacorps endgame battle for future of the earth.


Like the sorcerer's apprentice, we have conjured up an army of intended servant beings that have grown colossal, escaped our control and now overrun the planet. Indigenous leaders have begun calling big multinationals bodies an "alien invasive species" that menaces their cultures and homelands more than any threat they’ve faced before.

In this view, Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Agrobiz, Big “Defense” et gargantuan cetera are all variations of an emergent new life form – sensually/spiritually/morally blind superorganisms that are alive, in charge and out of control. These Big Bodies' sickening effects on our lands and lives are everywhere apparent, but the good news is that they are a monocultured mutation and remedies that incapacitate some may help to cure them all.

Regarding the Occupation itself, living systems theory sees its campsites as the inflamed lymph glands of a stricken body politic where immuno-activists swarm with urgent energy preparing to mount a defense. Though managing occupation sites take enormous effort, they are important not as settlements, but as emergency rallying points where activists can strategize their remedial response.

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Our immune cell teachersPremise I: Roughly 10% of us seem congenitally moved to protect even distant people & ecosystems from degradation and attack. This blessed/cursed minority is the immune system of the body politic and the intended audience for our site. Check here first to see if you are involved.


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