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Every one of these ills has generated specialized remedial groups
who compete with each other for public attention and support.
Given the win-loss record for this divisive style of activism and
Big Body predation's
ever growing toll on the planet and our lives,
doesn't it make more sense to address the common cause?

Disaster Provocation & Exploitation

Shock Doctrine intro by Alfonso Cuaron

Pillage & Slaughter

Big Bodies bleed Iraq by Robert Greenwald

Rampant Deforestation

Big Agro-biz appetites bleed the Amazon

Destruction of Family Farming & Food Quality

Living a Nightmare: Animal Factories in Michigan

Piracy and Poisoning of our Water

Trailer for Tapped: the Big Biz (and Bain) of Bottled Water

Trailer for Flow: the Big Biz (and Bain) of Bottled Water - Take II

Stupefication of Youth

George Carlin on Education vs. Big Body Interests

Hijacking of Elections & Democracy

Big Bodies' Legal Magic Tricks

Stephen Colbert on Rise of "Corporate Persons"
and their Supreme Court-Abetted Electoral Larceny

Supreme Court finally Emancipates
and Enfranchises the Corporate Fraternity

Buyout of the US Legislature
Total Annual Payroll for US Senate & House Members: ~$94,000,000
Total Big Body Lobbying Outlays in 2008: $3,300,000,000
(35 times Congress' total salaries)

Top 20 Big Body Lobbyists to Date for 2009

Lobbying Client Total
US Chamber of Commerce $26,234,100
Pharmaceutical Rsrch & Mfrs of America $13,936,000
Exxon Mobil $13,777,500
Chevron Corp $13,068,000
General Electric $12,691,000
Blue Cross/Blue Shield $11,519,747
Pfizer Inc $10,960,000
Verizon Communications $9,840,000
National Assn of Realtors $9,637,000
AARP $9,392,000
ConocoPhillips $9,250,928
American Medical Assn $8,700,000
AT&T Inc $8,623,118
American Hospital Assn $8,227,176
Altria Group $7,957,749
National Assn of Broadcasters $7,840,000
BP $7,690,000
Business Roundtable $7,460,000
National Cable & Telecommunications Assn $7,285,000
Lockheed Martin $7,225,992

And this does not even include campaign donations...


Top 20 Big Body Lobbyists from 1998 to October 2009

Lobbying Client Total
US Chamber of Commerce $488,496,280
American Medical Assn $208,702,500
General Electric $184,300,000
American Hospital Assn $164,770,431
AARP $164,084,064
Pharmaceutical Rsrch & Mfrs of America $155,409,400
AT&T Inc $148,295,202
Northrop Grumman $140,994,935
Edison Electric Institute $128,785,999
National Assn of Realtors $128,577,380
Business Roundtable $128,080,000
Verizon Communications $124,834,841
Exxon Mobil $124,814,442
Blue Cross/Blue Shield $123,611,385
Lockheed Martin $116,032,633
Boeing Co $108,988,310
General Motors $105,011,483
Southern Co $97,893,194
Freddie Mac $96,194,048
Securities Industry & Financial Mkt Assn $94,163,143

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