Ki & the Powers of Japan Print E-mail

A long unorthodox look at social ki (i.e., human attention) as the world's most critical evolutionary resource. Attentional ki is existentially nourishing, physically healing, socially adhesive, and the key to understanding the planet's current pandemic of malignant corporate dis-ease.

This (admittedly amateur) piece has significant implications for personal growth and medical practice, but its most important thesis is that vast corporate bodies are true living systems that parasitize their members' consciousness for energy and now recklessy dominate our governance, social evolution, and the biosphere.

The basic political message is that we need fresh ways to think about this cancerous new life form if we are to resist its dominion and effectively combat its harms.
It will take about 10% of us to wake up to this to achieve the rEvolution, but in the meantime attentional ki offers you paths to heightened sensuality, deeper spirituality and reconnection to the Earth that you can traverse on your own.
For those interested, the script is available here and further meditations on the topic here .



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