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Sacred Animals' 2016 Campaign Pledge to the 99%
- with a tip of the hat to the '94 GOP and the devious Dr. Newt

The Contract on Corporate America


As the once and future sovereign 99% of the United States of America we propose to not just reclaim our government from corporate usurpations, but even more importantly, to rescue our children, communities and natural world from their cancerous growth and inhuman scale.

 That is why, in this era of corporate coin-operated politics, we offer instead a self-fulfilling strategy for eco-social transformation that citizens can execute themselves in the next few years.

2016 offers a chance after five decades of corporate encroachment and dominion to finally expose this coup and inspire countless citizens to confront it without fear. This historic change would end the reign of morbidly huge bodies that promote autocratic values, addictive consumption, and the heedless destruction of cultures, communities and ecosystems worldwide. Given our finite living world, any entities striving for endless growth regardless of consequences are quite literally cancerous and must be combated like tumors before they kill our body politic and consume the biosphere.  This battle can renew us as a nation that respects basic human rights, social justice and the sanctity of the natural world.

Like Jefferson, Lincoln, the Roosevelts and Eisenhower, our most corporate-leery presidents,
we intend to expose these growth-obsessed monsters as humanity's greatest adversary in the battle for justice, democracy and planetary health. Beyond exposure, we offer ways and means:

  • ·        To evict their henchmen from our statehouses, captured agencies and public nervous system.
  • ·        To dissolve or defy the rules that shield them from social justice and ecological redress.
  • ·        To legally downgrade them from "persons" to "hazardous instruments" with zero political rights.
  • ·        To swiftly shrink them back in scale and power to an eco-socially harmless size.
  • ·        To make us all proud again that real human beings with healthy values are back in charge.


Beginning in 2016, new and old generations of citizen activists will undertake the following “anti-Big Body” offensives, aimed at restoring our control over our government and our lives:

·         FIRST, awaken the people: publicizing the political and planetary harms of corporate gigantism and how these bodies’ growth-obsessed agenda diseases our species and the earth;

·         SECOND, alert our immune system: helping millions of Blessed Unrest activists to see and target megacorps as the largest common threat we face whatever our specific cause;

·         THIRD, spread immunological lore:  showing how diverse, out-manned, egalitarian defense forces can collaborate without hierarchy to dissolve massive tumors and other huge threats.

·         FOURTH, gather reconnaissance: welcoming grassroots journalists and veterans of past anti-corporate battles to share their wisdom and insights with fresh immuno-activist recruits;

·         FIFTH, facilitate communications: recognizing decentralized movements’ need for fast truthful news, urging indie media teams to form transparent trustworthy networks locally and worldwide;

·         SIXTH, open tactical arsenals: launching online open source clearing houses for the latest, most effective anti-megacorp stratagems as well as best practices for a post-corporate world;

·         SEVENTH, declare war: alarming megacorps minions, attracting allies and heartening the abjectly incorporated and corporate victims outside with news that help is finally on the way;

·         EIGHTH, begin belittling attacks: triggering a Big-bewildering diversity of artistic, legal, economic, political and psycho-spiritual assaults on corporate monstrosity until it melts away.

Thereafter, as we regain sovereign power in different jurisdictions, we shall pass analogues of the following bills. Some treat corporate cancers directly, others target related governmental ills and the rest re-empower citizens with reclaimed liberties, fresh capacities and vital self-defense skills.

1. THE CORPORATE CANCER DISSOLUTION ACT: A legislative directive to marshal all available public resources to downsize, decentralize and democratize all the big corporate bodies that now infest our land, including altering their charter DNA to delimit their scale, conduct and opacity as well as restricting limited liability to bodies with potent stakeholder directors on board.


2. THE CAPITOL DECONTAMINATION ACT: A wholesale proscription of corporate lobbying, corporate political contributions and corporate-sponsored legislation as well as the infiltration of corporate shills into any branch of government, including public agencies.


3. THE GOVERNMENT BLOAT DIAGNOSIS ACT: A mandated annual scan of all public agencies to reveal their respective functions, costs and redundancies, including publicized audits of the Fed, FBI, CIA and Departments of Treasury, Defense and Homeland Security.


4. THE MEDIA DECONGESTION AND REVITALIZATION ACT: A remedial package to revive our stupefied public nervous system with single digit ownership caps on media outlets, revival of the Fairness Doctrine and eminent domain appropriation of airwaves during elections.


5. THE FISCAL SANITY RESTORATION ACT: Adopts the 2012 Peoples Budget, but adds a Fat Tax on exorbitant assets and a stiff Casino Tax on high speed stock/bond/derivative/currency trades to penalize speculation and achieve a balanced budget and zero debt within ten years.


6. THE PRISON DEINDUSTRIALIZATION ACT: A bill promoting: a) broad amnesty for everyone convicted of victimless "crimes" to halve the density and cost of current prison populations and b) the installation of stakeholder reps on all prison corps boards to prioritize rehab over warehousing.


7. THE GIVE THE POOR DAMNED KIDS A FIGHTING CHANCE ACT: A 3 pronged initiative to introduce eco-literacy classes at all levels; initiate basic medical/legal/political self-defense courses for all secondary students, including ovulation awareness training for all middle school girls; and start weekly multi-disciplinary think tank labs in all schools (from 6th grade to grad level) focused on solutions to student-selected crises in the eco-social surround.


8. THE NATIONAL SECURITY AND SELF-RESPECT RESTORATION ACT: A Swiss-inspired defense program requiring all able-bodied youth to spend one year on humanitarian work in at least two developing countries and one year training as guerrilla marksmen for homeland defense It will also require everyone but conscientious objectors to continuously store their militia arms at home. This shift will both enhance America’s awareness of the world and its long-term security as well as reducing public fear, crime rates and the impact of military-industrial propaganda.


9. THE LAND REFORM, JOB CREATION & TECH DEMOCRATIZATION ACT: A bill to rechannel Big Body subsidies to small companies; redistribute monstrous agro-biz holdings to eco-friendly family farms; and enforce new science policies preferentially funding tech and research that decentralize power in the economy, politics, media, medicine and society at large.


10. THE LOOKING GLASS REVERSAL ACT: A legal initiative to curtail surveillance, rein in secrecy and end the fearsome power of veiled public servants over stark naked sovereign citizens.


11. THE CITIZEN LEGISLATURE ACT: A bill setting term limits to do away with career politicians and instituting a national referendum system to directly represent the people’s will.


12. THE INNER SPACE EXPLORATION ACT: A 10-year redirect of most NASA, Space Command and Star Wars funds to our colleges and universities to unlock and disseminate the secrets of photographic memory, placebo healing, and lucid dreaming to enhance all human lives.



Respecting the judgment of our fellow citizens as we seek their aid in dismantling megacorps, we hereby pledge ourselves to this Contract on Corporate America and urge you to as well.


Amazing! Intriguing, bold, justly angry, and funny all at the same time.
– John Rensenbrink, US Green Party founder

 “Beautifully written, thoughtful, true, and kindred. I love the comparison of activism to the immune system, and the complex multiple level strategy.
 - Ashley Sanders, activist/US Populist Era historian

*  Powered by the pleasure principle, our species' survival instincts and several hundred years of corporate desecration, the Sacred Animals Party's megacorps diminution campaign represents the best of Green and libertarian values and the shortest path to a future that is just, peaceful, eco-socially gratifying and free.

Public  Opening
After seeking other insurgent candidates and kindred endorsements, the Contract on Corporate America (COCA) will also be opened for public signing in spring 2016. To endorse or request more details, please write This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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