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 Grappling with and drawing power from our stupefying improbability


Before dealing with our social ills, eco-strife or wretched hijacked politics, we suggest you take a few minutes each day to remind yourselves of the awe-inspiring miracle of where you are, not just economically or geographically but relative to the whole space-time continuum. This is not about New Age woo-woo, it simply invites rational recognition of the implications of our scale, both relative to our constituent particles and the universe as a whole.

Admittedly, these are hard insights to metabolize; and progress for most of us trying to digest these facts is very, very slow. Thinking about the physical reality of our quarks or the cosmos is not a human forté. We're just not wired to intelligibly contemplate either unimaginable vastness or the vanishingly small. Even most astronomers and quantum physicists seem to miss the point entirely and tend to become pretty pedestrian math mongers rather than the raging electrified mystics one might expect.

But once you "get it" at most any level - even just a modest reach like viscerally sensing your own size relative to our planet or your cells - many claim to see the details of daily life glow with brighter significance than they have ever felt before. Sort of like Ecstasy, you might say, but without the morning after blahs...

Besides boosting your sensual acuity and empathic resonance, this lore can also greatly enhance your personal courage and confidence, which you will likely appreciate during the work that lies ahead.

30~40 minutes each – for rumination, digestion and thoughtful belching.

One to two weeks – for safe cellular absorption of wild improbability levels

Development of your own personal ELA meditationψ that cycles your attention through as many reality levels as possible and recharges your consciousness with courage, hope and awe.

This is not a risk-free exercise as Douglas Adams gently warned us with his Total Perspective Vortex. Approached heedlessly, it will not just light up your synapses, it can make a few spontaneously combust.

With that caveat in mind, let us begin:

To start off on the highest known note, we ask you to contemplate the breadth, depth and indisputable reality of the physical universe.

This section offers provocative graphic examples that should gradually help you grasp how impossibly minute and ephemeral you are relative to cosmic dimensions and how vast and eternal you are compared to your subatomic parts. The goal is to awaken a science-based awareness of our stunning implausibility and what it might mean for our political efforts, spiritual aspirations and future evolutionary course.

Beginning on the upside, try to grasp the reality reflected in these visualizations while remembering your own scale within the continuum. Try this at least 20 minutes a day for a week or two and then take whatever intuitions that arise outside. View the moon, a sunset or a clear night sky. Think really hard about what you are looking at and the real scale involved. The first indication it is working is that your daily detail-rattled consciousness will start to clear and be suffused with awe.

cosmic scale
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Next or in parallel, spend an equal time turning inward. Try to envision the space-time spectrum from the opposite end and consider the mysterious nether world of your bosons, mesons and quarks. The following video is a bit technical in places, but just let unfamiliar terms flow by and try to envision the processes it describes and the scales of action involved.


Finally try tieing both ends of the vast/miniscule spectrum together in a single grand excursion through the breadth of space and time.

The classic pioneering effort in this regard is Eame’s "Powers of Ten" below. You are asked to watch it once a day for three days: Day 1 with the (slightly annoying) narration turned on; Day 2 silently with the narration turned off; and Day 3 silently again but this time voicing your own thoughts.

How would you describe the journey it depicts and how it makes you feel? (We would in fact greatly appreciate alternative narrations if you would care to send us yours -- with or without music -- as an mp3 file.)


There are many modern updates in the sidebar on the right that depict different views of the same spectrum and some may be more effective than others in helping you break through.

Despite the heresy perils noted below, these exercises can offer some exquisite benefits.

First they gradually help you recognize the necessary dimensions of deity that equally and simultaneously permeates mega-lightyear galaxy clusters and picosecond quarkian zoos. That alone should rocket you past tiny-minded patriarchical religious creeds and deliver you to the edge of awareness of co-evolving sanctity everywhere. .

Another is it helps you intuit the lives and energetic unity of your body's trillions of cells and whether you heedlessly tyrannize this population like a despot or pay real (grateful) attention to their labors, needs and desires.The secret of psychosomatic health it turns out is that our cells are like citizens and democracy begins inside.

 It also reminds you that at every conceivable level you are an integral part of the universe and your body thus must contain unfathomed clouds of dark matter and dark energy as well. The immanence of these mysteries implies we may learn and grow a lot more by fishing within than sqaundering attention on obsolete belief systems outside.

 ψ ELA meditations are named after Charles & Ray Eames, Doris Lessing and Douglas Adams, each of whom contributed to the practice. ELA meditations include any introspection that slowly cycles your attention through all known levels of reality -- from the vastness of the cosmos to the subatomic infinitesimal -- or vice versa -- and back again. Adept practitioners claim to get very high very quickly with quite irrational confidence and very rational awe. However, many also warn that the scalar disconnect evaporates their faith in organized religions and often sparks peals of hysterical laughter whenever someone starts preaching about heaven, hell or man-shaped gods. ELA meditations should thus best be avoided for several days before visiting most churches/mosques/synagogues or approaching men in funny hats.

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