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- The Real Transformative Energy -

An Introduction to the Sensual, Medicinal & Politically Liberating Power of Attentional Ki


Attentional ki and our "Attention Rules!" meme are far and away the most important facet of our course for your personal growth, understanding of corporate life and learning how to change the world. Since it builds on things you already know, it should also be the easiest to absorb.

“There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”
- Apocryphal motto of Miami, Al Qaeda and Donald Trump

After sunlight, attention is our world's most important creative energy
At some pre-conscious level most of us realize the ultimate importance of attention to our perceptions, our memories, our identity over time. Many further recognize its power to enliven us, magnify our standing and fertilize our minds. Some even see the theater of modern politics, propaganda and marketing as fundamentally a war for attention and all the resources it draws along in its wake. In other words, the more you think about it the more central to the human experience it seems to be.

Thus is it not surpassingly strange how little we seriously study or discuss it in our cultures, schools and daily lives? As the media sampler below suggests, we often hear attention mentioned and refer to it, but so rarely examine its workings or what it really is. Paying attention to attention, we shall see, offers surprising insights into health, growth and history and gratifyingly boosts your sensual, spiritual and political potency to boot.



This section consists of a short structured series of viewings and readings that introduce attentional ki in sex, healing and corporate bodybuilding. Structured simply means we ask you to repeat certain things in triplets sometimes and follow a recommended section order, but once again it is all up to you.

BASIC FLOW (spread out over 4 - 10 days)


Day 1: 90 min

Watch Ki and the Powers of Japan and think about it for a while - whether it squares with any of your own insights and if it seems to make sense. If so, proceed to...

Day 2: 90 min

  1) Read the following series of Ki articles:

2) Read the Ki and the Powers of Japan script and follow the central thought train without the excess imagery.

3) Consider how our economic, political and religious worlds would look if we could see their ki in play.

4) Envision your own daily ki economy - what you pay it out to and for how long; who pays it back to you and on what terms; what is your ROI for attention invested; and what is your average trade balance at the end of each day? If you find these issues of interest, proceed to...

Day 3:  90 min

Watch the Ki and the Powers of Japan video one more time - by yourself if possible - and think how you would refine, refashion or replace it to better communicate its gist. (We mean besides the cheesy production values...)

Day 4:  90 ~ 900 min

1) Contemplate collateral sources such as Rifkin's Time Wars, Davenport & Beck's Attention Economy, Quinn's Ishmael, child guides like Let's Talk About Needing Attention, and attention-savvy journals like Adbusters, Smartmeme, Yes!, etc. If you have not read or heard of the mentioned books, check out their Amazon reviews for a quick sniff of their premises.

2) Think about attention engineering in commerce, politics, religion and the instrumental effects of love, fascination and fear. Think about your own psychosomatic connections to the corporate media environment, to opinion leaders in the "national conversation", and to the myths of your ancestors. Notice whether or how they fill you up or drain you of energy.

3) Scour the Web for schools that teach courses on attention, textbooks on it or even attention specific journals that aren't related to ADD. One of the few you will find is Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, but check out its table of contents and see how few studies address ki's true potential or even get the drift.

4) End on encouraging note: Visit the 2010 Paying Attention Conference in Sweden. This conclave is one of the first academic efforts to focus on these issues and "addresses key questions like: What architectures of power are at work in the attention economy?"

Ω Once you finish this "Attention Rules!" section to your own satisfaction, proceed at your leisure to Section III: Big Bodies Suck!


This video's style and substance should tell you pretty quickly if you're in the right place.


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