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Beginning right now, new and old generations of immunocytizens and the Magic 10% can undertake the following “anti-Big Body” offensives, aimed at restoring our control over our government and our lives:

  • FIRST, awaken the people: publicize the political and planetary harms of corporate gigantism and how these bodies’ growth-obsessed agenda diseases our species and the earth;
  • SECOND, alert our immune system: help millions of Blessed Unrest activists to see and target megacorps as the largest common threat we face whatever our specific cause;
  • THIRD, spread immunological lore:  show how diverse, out-manned, egalitarian defense forces can collaborate without hierarchy to dissolve massive tumors and other huge threats.
  • FOURTH, gather reconnaissance: welcome grassroots journalists and veterans of past anti-corporate battles to share their wisdom and insights with fresh immuno-activist recruits;
  • FIFTH, facilitate communications: recognize decentralized movements’ need for fast truthful news, urging indie media teams to form transparent trustworthy networks locally and worldwide;
  • SIXTH, open tactical arsenals: launch online open source clearing houses for the latest, most effective anti-megacorp stratagems as well as best practices for a post-corporate world;
  • SEVENTH, declare war: alarm megacorps minions, attracting allies and heartening the abjectly incorporated and corporate victims outside with news that help is finally on the way;
  • EIGHTH, begin belittling attacks: trigger a Big-bewildering diversity of artistic, legal, economic, political and psycho-spiritual assaults on corporate monstrosity until it melts away.

Like the occupation movement, one of the most attractive features of immune defenses is that they run quite effectively without formal leaders or hierarchies. Once the dendritic cells, the investigative journalists of immune world, identify and publicize a threat, many other types of immune cells rally to subdue it using many different skills. The biological success of this model implies of course that activists don’t need hierarchies either and that our fractious egalitarian diversity (which oft bedevils occupation site politics) may be our greatest long-term strength. Consider the host of talents we could marshal against malignant corporate growth.

Diverse paths to Big Body deliquescence
•    Academic - research living system pathologies, corporate/human competitive evolution, and the fastest, safest, most creative ways to shrink Big Bodies down.

•    Artistic – expose the addictive delusions of the Big Body matrix, illustrating its harms and vulnerabilities, and reconnecting folks to the grounding energies of their bodies and the earth.

•    Direct Action - resist Big Bodies' expropriations, depredations and eco-social crimes.

•    Educational - liberate empty evening schoolrooms across the nation for students and citizens to jointly study and co-create post-corporate remedies for local, regional and global ills.

•    Electoral - strengthen anti-Big activists with public office and policy-making power.

•    Familial - support local farms, firms and organizations that create sustainable livelihoods, nurture convivial communities, and respect the environment.

•    Financial - shift savings and capital away from Big Body accounts to credit unions, small businesses and community-strengthening investments.

•    Journalistic - focus public attention on the systemic harms of Big Body hegemony, and the countless ways they collude to extort our wealth, obstruct our growth and rape the earth.

•    Legal - challenge corporate supremacy at every level of governance and repudiating their right to subvert our democratic rights or dictate any rules.

•    Legislative - reconfigure corporate DNA by rewriting their charters to delimit their size, powers and opacity, and only conferring limited liability on those with multi-stakeholder boards.

•    Mediagenic – exploit indie media, social networks and viral video to spread remedial Big Body memes, share tactical craft, and keep the resolutely unorganized movement fully aware of itself. 

•    Pedagogical - help schools at all levels organize classes around real-world crises and harnessing youth's imagination and intelligence to solve real problems, not just pass rote memory tests.

•    Philanthropic - steer more resources to efforts and actions targeting the upstream causes of eco-social ills and not just their symptoms on the ground.

•    Scientific - develop more open source solutions to critical eco-social problems and new democracy-enhancing technologies that redistribute power and decentralize control.

•    Spiritual - channel attention inward and initiating collective experiences of our ancient interdependence, latent powers and sacred unity with the living world.

•    Tricksteresque - monkey wrench, Rev. Billy/Yes-Man-impersonate, Wikileak and otherwise creatively disrupt corporate assaults on the poor, the peace and the planet.


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