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One view of the problem


- Welcome to a whole new set of answers

As you are hopefully now aware, our target audience here are the so-called Magic 10%,  that immuno-activist minority throughout the world who are inexplicably drawn to eco-social ills by a deep desire to help and heal.

If you are among that blessed/battered minority, we greet you with tears and cheers –  tears of affinity because it has taken so many of you so many years of patient struggle to get here; and congratulatory cheers because you've got a noble calling and your moment to change history has finally come.

Introduce 10% of you to psychic, spiritual and sensual secrets required to:

  • Quicken your own psychosomatic evolution,
  • Reevaluate corporate life and human destiny; and
  • Ably defend the living world

If you recognize and resent that big corporate bodies are now running our world and intensifying conflict, inequality and eco-social havoc, then taking this course should empower and encourage you immensely.

It describes how we (we the people, the sovereign citizens, the sacred animals--take your pick) can rid the world of monstrous organization, heal the Earth and revive the magic of our lives.

Besides the collateral gifts of more luminous sex, keener vision and the keys to epiphany, this course grandly promises 10% of you the tools and know-how to:

•    revolutionize and re-enchant medicine, schooling, worship and politics,
•    downsize/democratize the monstrous corporate bodies plaguing our world, and
•    experience moments of conscious fusion with each other and the Earth

And we purport to deliver all this quite inexpensively and surprisingly fast.

These are extraordinary claims to be sure, but these are the minimum advances we need to survive and there is little point in aiming for less. You can subsequently judge our veracity for your self since you don’t have to pay til the end.§

The course content is quite simple and largely builds on things most of you already sense or flat out know about your own psycho-sensual life, about huge corporate bodies, and about the living energies of our world.

Our syllabus is divided into five sections

1) Prep: Adjusting perspectives, re-examining our playing field

Psychological warm-up calisthenics to gradually expand your sense of rational wonder and possibility.

2) Introducing "Attention Rules!" - our alpha meme

This section focuses on the almost magical powers of attention and why it is the most fertile and existentially important force in our lives. It introduces Asian insights into attention's creative potency, healing force and group binding power that help reveal the engineering of modern life.

3) Introducing "Big Bodies Suck!" - our beta meme

This reveals monstrously large organizations as truly cancerous life forms and the greatest evolutionary threat our species faces today. It also exposes the megacorp species' assorted technologies for keeping us juvenile, dependent and in line.

4) Introducing "Conspiracy Heals!" - our omega meme

This section resuscitates the ancient arts of conspiracy and shows how moments of shared consciousness can enhance our creativity, empower our democracy and reconnect us to the planet’s primal energies.

5) Post-grad Exploits: First steps to rEvolution, global conspiracy and a post-corporate world.

The final section offers a menu of tactics and strategies for reclaiming human control of our planet, nations and communities, which you are invited to sample, improve upon and/or add to according to your gifts and tastes.


If you are approaching this lore with activist urgency, we strongly encourage you to follow the lessons in their given order. They build upon each other in important ways and will equip you for battle quicker and more effectively.

All lessons can be taken straight or high, alone or in small groups, inside or outdoors. We do, however, strongly suggest you shun downers, choose quiet venues, and take them in the suggested order. You can of course do any damn thing you want, but to get the maximum psychosomatic effect this is helpful advice.

You can sort of trust us on this. Since we don't solicit compensation§ until you complete the course successfully, it is greatly in our interest that you "get it" as quickly as you possibly can.

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