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We shall deliver thee to the promised secrets of political healing, corporate body-building and eco-erotica expeditiously, but we'd like a short word with you first as welcome guests and potential partners.

Your attention please!

Welcome to our Anteroom!
This is where you put up an ante or at least tacitly agree to the terms we propose. Given all we're trying to do and all the time it's taken, we of course want to see this offering generate some needed revenue. Charging ye up front for entry, however, is a monumental drag.

Entrance Fee Bummers
First there are the ethical and logistic dilemmas. Since the course is only designed to benefit a tenth of you directly, a lot of other folks who wander in by accident may leave totally empty-handed and bemused. If they payed up front, they would certainly deserve all their money back.  Yet as we all know, "full refund guarentees!" are often a scam and always a time-consuming hassle for everyone involved.

Plus it is quite strategically self-defeating. Few have any reason to believe our inordinate claims as yet, so a door charge will only slow traffic and defeat our primary goal, which is to reach and empower as many of the (widely dispersed) Magic 10% as fast as we conceivably can.

And since we are far more concerned with rapid societal impact than income right now, those who misconstrue the course or just find it a strange series of "WTF?" moments may contribute a bit to our coffers, but little to our cause.

So Here's the Deal.
We offer to arm 10% of you up front with three incendiary ideas -- ideas about attentional magic, about corporate cancer, about conspiracy-based eco-social fusion. All three reveal alternative sources of power, power to change lives, dreams and politics. Individually they can illuminate your life in one way or another. Mixed together like charcoal, sulfur and saltpeter, they blaze a credible trail to an eco-erotic post-corporate world.

If any of that attracts you please take the course and if any of it helps you see, feel or revolt any better, please pay whatever you think it was worth (starting, hopefully, from twenty bucks).

One More Thing
Forgot to mention, you have to qualify. You're really not supposed to pay anything until you pass a simple test showing you got the drift and all the needed chops to practice immunocytizenship on your own,.

Learning Magic 10% lore is a lot like learning permaculture. After you take a full introductory course, you've pretty much got all the know-how required to practice, innovate and teach yourself. If you pass the test and pay what you can, you have our blessing to go forth and evangelize, plus you get a snazzy grad certificate to brighten up your bathroom wall. If you pass the test and don't pay a thing, you are still free to teach of course, but to the detriment of your karma, not to mention your loo.

Choice Point
OK, with that all in mind, proceed if you wish to our Course Introduction.


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